Which USCIS Helpful I-9 Instruction Tool is Right For You?

I-9 Decisions
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 8:45am

On March 8 of 2013, USCIS unveiled their new, improved Form I-9 . Instructions were made more readable, and increased from 3 to 6 pages. The fillable portion of the form itself was also increased from 1 to 2 pages. In addition, USCIS re-wrote the Employer Manual which includes another 66 pages of instruction for proper form completion.

Recently, USCIS has supplemented all this instruction with 3 minute video "Vignettes" and finally, if the 6 pages of instruction and vignettes are not enough, a 1 page instruction sheet for employees has also just been provided because, USCIS states on their website "you asked!".

With so many new helpful I-9 instruction tools, how do you choose which option is right for you?

Ultimately, the methods used by employers to ensure compliance with all rules and regulations associated with verifying employment eligibility for their employees is determined by how their organization functions. On-boarding of employees is handled differently in every organization and is sometimes handled in many different ways within the same organization. These differences exist ultimately, because the goal of on-boarding is to get new employees productively at work as efficiently as possible. We know from experience that compliance processes must be woven into the fabric of the organization in order to be effective. We’ve developed the I-9 Process Enhancement Decision Tree to help you decide what kind of help your processes really need.

(Please note this document is not intended to constitute legal advice).