Rigid Immigration Rules Could Stifle Entrepreneurial Innovation

Elizabeth Quinn
Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 10:15am

Maggio+Kattar client Dr. Stanley Samuel is featured in Rapid Growth Media discussing the challenges faced by foreign entrepreneurs who wish to establish businesses in the U.S. "Part of the problem, says Samuel, is that the immigration guidelines aren’t designed to evaluate entrepreneurs and their business prospects when gauging “extraordinary ability.” The guidelines, he says, were established to look mostly at applicants who take the traditional routes of academia or employment at an established company. ... Samuel’s attorney, Elizabeth Quinn of Maggio & Kattar, PC, in Washington, D.C., says that Dr. Samuel’s case is an unusual one, if only for the reason that he’s decided to follow his entrepreneurial spirit at all costs. Quinn, who specializes in immigration and nationality law, says that many non-citizens who aspire to become American entrepreneurs probably still take the more traditional path, putting in a few years of work with an established company to get an employer-sponsored visa before they strike out on their own. However, Quinn says she also understands that sometimes an entrepreneur like Samuel simply has to move when the market is right and let the immigration process play out as it will. If Samuel were not an entrepreneur, says Quinn, and were instead working for a university or a U.S. employer that can file on behalf of a foreign national, he would have likely met the visa criteria with ease."