Maggio Kattar Senior Counsel Steve Pattison in Bangkok and Athens

Maggio kattar in Bangkok - Demonstrations
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 9:30am

Maggio Kattar Senior Counsel and Consular expert Steve Pattison has travelled the world this month sharing his consular expertise with the immigration law community:

Maggio Kattar in Bangkok

Senior Counsel Stephen Pattison wowed ‘em in Bangkok last month, taking part in three panels during the Bangkok District Chapter of AILA’s annual conference. Street demonstrations in the Thai capital didn’t prevent our consular processing expert from making the journey to share his expertise on international adoptions, tips on preparing the best case for visa applicants, and insights on the world of waivers. Steve’s return to the consular section of the US embassy in Bangkok, where he served 24 years ago as chief of the American Citizens Services unit, was a personal highlight. Who says you can’t go home again?

Athens Conference Highlights Maggio Kattar Expertise

Hot on the heels of his successful participation at the Bangkok District chapter’s annual conference, Senior Counsel Steve Pattison did it again this month in Athens. The former Rome District Chapter Chair brought his deep knowledge of the State Department and consular operations to the capital of Greece as a panel participant for the Rome District Chapter’s Spring conference in the Greek Capital March 12-14. Steve led panels on international adoptions and surrogacy and comprehensive immigration reform, together with AILA president Doug Stump and Intergovernmental liaison Bob Deasy. As one happy attendee put it” Panelists like Steve are one of the reasons why the RDC’s conferences are some of the best AILA has to offer.” Now if only we could figure out how to ensure that Steve is not greeted by snowstorms each time he returns…..