Jan Pederson Shares Her Expertise in Consular Practice with Lawline

Jan Pederson
Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 4:00pm

MK Shareholder attorney Jan Pederson will be presenting "Representation of Cients in the Nonimmigratn Visa Process at Consular Posts"  for attorneys seeking both knowledge of this topic and CLE credits through Lawline.   

A critical key to a successful visa petition which may be appled for at a consular post is not just preparation in accordance with applicable laws and USCIS regulations, but also familiarity with the specific policies and procedures of the consular post where the application may be made.   Each consular post has the right to determine the parameters of attorney representation, including whether attorneys will be permitted to speak with a consular officer about a case; whether an attorney may be present at the visa interview and whether attorney prepared documents will be accepted and reviewed.

The objective of this course, presented by Jan Pederson, is to provide attorneys with basic knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the international waters of visa representation.

Date and Time:

January 31, 2017   4:00 PM (Eastern)

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn to bulletproof the Visa Petition in Business Cases
  2. Examine effective use of the DS-160 electronic universal visa application form
  3. Explore common Issues in Visa Processing and the Search for Effective Solutions

  4. Identify the consular post where visa application should be made
  5. Determine strategies when the consular officer denies or revokes a visa

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Recognized by The Washington Post as one of "seven leading lawyers" in Washington, D.C., Jan Pederson has been dedicated to the practice of immigration and nationality law for over twenty years. Ms.Pederson has successfully represented thousands of clients - including renowned physicians, Fortune 500 companies, television networks, entertainers, and healthcare providers of all sizes - and is masterful at resolving complex immigration issues.

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